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sad its abandoned  i still play the original morenatsu here  and there

Are you going to make routes with side-characters?


Bruh I'm pretty sure this is cancelled

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That sucks

I cant open the game on MAC it downloads as a RAR file but my MAC says theres no application to support.  Can anyone help? Have tried the application The Unarchiver but still get that it can not be opened.

Download 7zip or some other application to unpack a RAR file.

I did using the app Unarchiver which loaded it with a symbol that looks like a clock in a hexagon and then says can't be opened.


Once again I got my hopes up.  Another attempt that didn't see it to completion.  The best thing about this one was that it didn't do a complete overhaul of the story and art style.  Probably why I can't stand that other one, so many changes made me sick, but this one was nice.  I hope someday...


I guess we will not see any updates to this game… It is sad to see this fan made sequel of Morenatsu. I do love the characters, and this one did have the old touch of Morenatsu. I hope one day to see this revitilized.

Eu queria saber quando vai  chegar atualização desse jogo

cuando abra una nueva actualizaciones


I sure miss this, getting a "sequel" to spend with Juuichi was fun, and I'd sure love one with the others.  Personally I can't deviate in this game from him even if I love Tora and Tatsuki but I still was overjoyed this was a thing.  I hope it continues cuz this game meant the world to me when it first came out.  People have tried to replicate and change it but none succeeded.  This one was doing great for the original


Thank you for this :) 

If you're still working on this then keep on keepin on! Wanting to give any support I can 


I can't install or play the game anymore

Oh thank God its our favorite bear

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hmmmm some how i cant play the game guys  how can i fix this?


I miss this, I hope it starts up again soon, spending time with Juuichi is the best.  Its tempting to slip to one of the others but I'm staying faithful.  Maybe if someone does a 2 for their routes...I don't know...I'd just feel terrible if I came back to be with Juuichi and went off with someone else.  I just love and respect too much <3


I haven't started the vn and I already feel like it's dead, there hasent been an update sence august, do I really wanna play this?


VN is on hiatus but I am re-writing the entire script, will release an update when ready :)

I have mixture of emotions about that- playing as Hiroyuki I feel special regarding the attention placed on myself... But, being in Juuichi's shoes, it bring up a lot of painful memories- I mean, knowing "I got cheated on" that kind of stuff, it is painful. I'm fully aware that you're re-writing the VN- I'm only left with one question: are we (the readers) going to go through that kind of cheating heartache? I mean, props to the people who are fan of cheating, but yeah...

hello Sylos, will there be any updates soon ? 

any updates???


When I press install, it doesn't show up in the install & then it says there was a problem installing it. Help?


Hi! For windows you don't need to install it, just extract and play. The android version is a regular apk file that you should be able to install without issues.
The project is having a re-write so I'd suggest you wait until that is done, the current version is full of typos too. I hoping to release a new version sometime this year :D

I really love this demo and its story i wish there was a scene in which everybody is fighting and u leave them and went to the woods but its a very great in the process UwU

Is there any ten kodori route?


It's been a while since the last update. I am curiously waiting to know what will happen next.


I haven't played the game yet, but seeing someone continue writing this VN really makes me feel like I'm the happiest person alive! I hope the developers all the best, and the readers too <3

Is kouya in this?

Its great having a continuation for Juuichi's story, I also wanted the same for others like Tatsu and an actual thing for Tora, but this is hard.  Only having a route with them if you lead away from Juuichi in the story...I can't do that LoL but at least I can still see them and repair friendships

Is there more coming or was this project dropped?


It has not been dropped, I am re writing the script before updating any further :)


ok thank you. I'm glad it wasn't dropped. I'm really liking it so far.


Where i can find the 1° game?

where up day ;w;

Why android cant download?

Always stop at 200mb

Idk man, Works for me..

is there gonna be update


How to I get the other routes on android, cause when I start a new game it automatically puts me into Juuichi’s route.


The thing is you choose routes on day 2 when deciding whom to visit 

ok, thanks

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im still waiting for update(/ ^3^)/

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There is an android version already in the download section. :)

Deleted 2 years ago

Are you going to continue with the game or are you more focused on your other game "Lost Memories"? The last update is already quite some time ago and I really enjoyed the game.

Hiya! I am continuing the project and currently working on day 7 for all the other chars, I have delayed the update because of the new project but I am actively working on both! :)

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geez, just remember not to burnout yourself with too much work


i love this fan game pls make more im support and the story you choose for it is interesting

Hello, you will not release a version for Windows 32 bits and if at the end of the game they will translate it into Spanish I wrote with the translator I am from Argentina a greeting

Hi! I am planning a windows 32 bit release at the end of the project!

Is there still a problem in the apk application I can't type the name when starting the game ??

Hiya! The game works fine on Android (just re-tested)) try to tap around the box if the keyboard doesn't pop up.

is there another way to play this game that I have tried several times but downloaded on the apk but still can't and the keyboard doesn't come out either ??

Thanks it worked

i have windows. I think i might know the problem. I can only use rar zip not regular rar

Hiya, yes. The game extracts and plays fine. If you are having issues still I suggest you download 7zip - it's free and extracts the game fine if you don't have WinRar.

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